Transparent V Lingerie

This gorgeous v lingerie is the perfect addition to add to an outfit or to wear alone . Wear this alone and your partner will be drooling at the sight of you . 

size - Bust---------------- Waistline ----------- Length

S-- 56-76cm/22.0-29.9"-- 62-78cm/24.4-30.7"-- 66cm/25.9"

M-- 60-80cm/23.6-31.5"-- 66-80cm/25.9-31.5"-- 68cm/26.7"

L-- 64-84cm/25.2-33.1"-- 70-82cm/27.6-32.3"-- 68cm/26.7"

XL-- 68-88cm/26.7-34.6"-- 74-86cm/29.1-33.8"-- 70cm/27.6"

2XL-- 72-92cm/28.3-36.2"-- 78-88cm/30.7-34.6"-- 70cm/27.6"

3XL-- 76-96cm/29.9-37.7"-- 80-90cm/31.5-35.4"-- 75cm/29.5"