Facial Steamer

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Our bodies are made up of mostly water . And without the proper amount of water our body starts to shut down. Thats why its recommended to drink plenty of water daily for glowing skin and a healthy body. With the facial steamer it supplies water to the skin rehydrating it (of course its not going to have the same effects as drinking water). 

How to use: 

Pour water into the machine and turn it on 

Wash your face to remove any makeup or dirt that may be trapped in your pores 

When the steam starts to show place your face near the machine and allow your skin to soak up the moisture/heat 

For best results after face has been streamed for 2/3 minutes apply your favorite face mask and lay back and relax 

*** As a bonus you can use our blackhead sucker to remove any blackheads or trapped dirt you have in your face while your pores are opened up ***